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  • Burj Khalifa - At the Top (Level 124 & 125) Access
    One of the most awaited thing in life
    It’s slightly costly but at the end of the day, it’s dubai . It has to be costly ! Otherwise , it was great
    Aryan Pandey, 08/Jun/2018
  • Burj Khalifa - At the Top (Level 124 & 125) and Dubai Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner
    Good value for money but could be better.
    The visit to the Burj Khalifa went without issue, we turned up at 10am and had a short queue before we went up to the 114/5th floors, it was a pleasant experience with the usual `on a boat` feeling caused by the slight movement in the tower, there was the usual gift shop and we spent about an hour walking around, it was never very busy. The Dubai Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner was also pleasant, the driver was very friendly but there were a few things to note: we were picked up at 4:30 pm and not 3pm which meant in reality our tour was an hour and a half short, some of this could be accounted for due to Ramadan and no entertainment at the dinner show but not an hour and a half. There was a stop on route to the dune bashing at a roadside quad bike/shop/playground area where locals were trying to push their wares onto us, not something I`m ever keen on! Despite being in the tour itinerary there was no sand boarding available, the dinner felt a bit rushed as we had no time to look around after eating due to arriving so late, the food had not had time to warm through (it was provided by outside caterers) had it been hot it would have been very nice, but who wants cold potatoes and kebabs? and lastly the free soft drinks on the tour were only during the meal, no other time during the tour so take some with you! It`s also a shame that the dunes are littered with rubbish, mainly plastic bottles, the drivers would do well to respect their own environment and ask tourists to take their rubbish away with them.
    Dave Hemingway, 08/Jun/2018
  • Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo Tickets
    VIP Line Buster Tour
    I would say get the Explorer or VIP experience if you are going to the aquarium. The aquarium itself is just a small part of it, the main experience that we enjoyed was the behind the scenes, fish feeding and glass bottom boat
    Sng Han, 07/Jun/2018
  • Ski Dubai Polar Pass
    great price
    great price
    VARUN CHAWLA, 06/Jun/2018
  • Burj Khalifa - At the Top (Level 124 & 125) Access
    Great experience
    Isango has the most competitive price.
    VARUN CHAWLA, 06/Jun/2018
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