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Visit The World's Largest Building - Burj Khalifa

A Dubai city tour just isn’t complete without a visit to the iconic Burj Khalifa- the world’s tallest building and the most popular Dubai attraction! Admire stunning 360-degree views of Dubai from a magnificent vantage point, enjoy lunch at the elegant Armani restaurant and ride the fastest elevator in the world to the 124th and 125th-floor observation decks. Go even higher to the 148th-floor At the Top SKYdeck (the tallest viewing platform in the world at 1,821 feet) and tuck into savory refreshments while soaking in spectacular views. Explore the man made wonder and enjoy a bird’s eye view of the city and the Arabian Gulf from Burj Khalifa. Book Burj Khalifa tickets at guaranteed best prices and enjoy affordable combo deals that include must-do experiences like desert safari, Aquarium and City tour!

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  • At the top of the world
    By: Mr A c Middleton

    Fantastic, amazing, no queuing, great value for money

  • Exceeded my expectations!
    By: Hector Salgado

    Visiting the Burj Al-Arab, the only 7-stars hotel in the world could be tricky; in fact, almost impossible if you're not a guest. With an average night per room averaging at $8,000 you can imagine why. So, if you can't afford to stay there the only other option to see the inside of this hotel is to book this tour. Initially it appears a bit pricey but when we arrived at the Burj Al-Arab, we were treated like royalty, no BS! The tour description mentions "afternoon tea" but in actuality it's much more than that. The entire experience consisted of a 7-course super duper fancy lunch--mostly hors d'oeuvre and desserts, but I can tell you that after the 7th course we were stuffed! They also served us fancy coffees, teas, and an incredibly delicious fizzy apple juice (from France?). After spending about 2 hours at the Burj Al-Arab, we were taken to the Burj Khalifa. We were able to go the 125th floor, which is not the highest, but the views are good. Dubai during the summer time (and spring?) is so hazy that it's impossible to see, for example, the Burj Al-Arab from the Burj Khalifa. That'll give an idea of the kind of views you're going to get. I was told that when it's really humid, the humidity in the air holds the dust that's always in the air, and as result, the atmosphere really looks like downtown Beijing--although it's not air pollution at all. Of course, the views are not at all the responsibility of the tour company. It's mother nature at its best (or worst?). All in all though, this tour is well worth the money that you paid for and more! By the way, when you're at the Burj Al-Arab, you can get free wi-fi and update your Facebook status from there. My friends really thought I was staying there--pretty cool, huh!

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