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Opulent interiors, plush décor, indulgent personal service and a mega dose of luxurious living finds its culmination in the Burj Al Arab experience. The hotel's distinctive sail-shaped silhouette has made it an iconic symbol of modern Dubai. Built on a man-made island, the Burj Al Arab boasts the tallest atrium lobby in the world, an underwater aquarium restaurant that is accessible through a simulated submarine voyage, a fleet of Rolls-Royces on the forecourt. With the cheapest rooms costing an average of £878 per night, the Burj Al Arab certainly does not come cheap. Book a tour of this architectural jem with Local Dubai Tours which offers lowest price.

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Burj al Arab

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  • Fantastic !!
    By: S J Hurstfield

    I would definitely recommend this trip ! Fantastic ! we had a gorgeous Spanish tour she was extremely knowledgeable and informative ! the trip was amazing value !!! Just a great experience you would be crazy not to use this tour !!!

  • Superb!
    By: Mrs Zaidi Ahmad

    Well coordinated and spetacular view

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